Field Trip Friday ~ Balboa Park

A few weeks ago we bought a family pass to Balboa Park, which has 17 museums as well as gardens and open green space.  Because we homeschool, I am excited to have this pass so we can go anytime we’d like, vs. resident free Tuesday  when it is too crowded and not enjoyable.

Being as this is Thanksgiving weekend, I feel blessed that we are able to homeschool Poppy using a method that works for him – unschooling – which means that he leads the way on what he’d like to learn about, and we expose him to his interests as much as possible.

Poppy has certainly enjoyed Balboa Park.  We’ve been on several adventures now, and I thought I would share some pictures our adventures.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center – Human Cell exhibit


Japanese Friendship Garden – Koi Pond


Automotive Museum


The San Diego Natural History Museum


San Diego History Center – The World of Dr. Seuss


Thankful Thursday ~ Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that are here.  I appreciate all of you that read my blog and share your thoughts with me.  Many of you are friends, healers, and teachers in my life, and you are valued more than you even know.

We are thankful for health, happiness, love in our lives, friendship, freedom, and all the little things that make life wonderful… hope you have those same things in yours!

Take some time to reflect on the things you are thankful for today.  Feel free to share them here in the comments – I love to spread the attitude of gratitude around.

20151111_111123-1We wish you a great holiday!

Treatment Tuesday – Decisions Decisions

Last week was a time to relax and spend time with family.  I really needed the time off from our routine to put some thought into our health and treatment.

I have been feeling for several weeks now that we are at the early stages of remission from Lyme Disease.  We have all hit a point where our symptoms have disappeared, we’re sleeping well, and our energy has gone up.  We are also all feeling quite happy and content.

Our treatment is done in a pulsing fashion – 7 days on, 7 days off, and we are always “on” during full/new moon.  This schedule has worked well for us.  A couple weeks ago, I went off ALL treatment, including supports, for the “off” week to see how I would feel.

In the past, if I even forgot one dose of anything I would be able to tell and symptoms would instantly remind me I had missed a dose.  During this break?  NOT.ONE.SYMPTOM.

I certainly don’t recommend for other people to try this.  For me, it was a way to see if my suspicions had any validity about early remission.

I jumped back into my treatment schedule feeling much more confident about things.


As we were out exploring the city last week, we stopped at the waterfront to watch a ship pull out of port.  I took the moment to do some reflection, as I had been struggling with the decision to cancel our November Lyme doc appointment, as that would give us three more months of treatment – hopefully continuing to be symptom free – and then we can have a conversation about what to do next.

At that moment of reflection, I closed my eyes and decided that I was going to move the appointment.  When I opened my eyes, there was a rainbow.  Rainbows have always been a sign for me that things would be okay, and the path I was on is the right one.  I knew at that moment that all would work out well for us if we moved the appointment.

Pretty amazing how the signs are there if we just pay attention.

Thankful Thursday ~ Filling the Love Tank

love gauge

This week we have been enjoying time with my parents while they are visiting from NH.  We have had a glorious week of seeing some sights, eating great food, and spending time together.  We are a family that genuinely loves being together, so living across country from each other has not been the easiest in that respect, but it has made our time together that much better.

20151101_164207The other night we went to Sunset Cliffs so we could all watch the sunset together as part of our Sunday night ritual.  Looking at this picture I realize that my son is growing up even faster than I realize sometimes.  I have spent a lot of time relaxing with him this week, and reminding him that I love him!

20151104_133906I have also enjoyed having Ivan home this week.  This is the first vacation that he has had in a couple of years.  The last week off was last year at the end of September, but he was busy looking for a permanent job, and Poppy was dealing with the dislocated knee – not a relaxing week off!  He has been my best friend since we were 15 years old… and my love for him continues to grow every single day.

20151104_131452Then there are the ‘rents.  They really don’t come better than them.  Not only have they supported our dreams and helped us get to where we are today, but they are amazing grandparents.  We are blessed to have them in our lives.   I dread having to bring them to the airport because I don’t like saying goodbye.  But, I am going to enjoy every second until that moment comes.

Apple Cinnamon Chips – A Recipe


6-8 medium apples (I used organic Gala variety)
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
10-12 drops Cinnamon Bark essential oil

Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees
Cut apples into slices 1/8″ thick
Mix sugar and Cinnamon oil
Line cookie sheets with foil, spread apples in single layer, sprinkle with sugar mixture to your taste

Put in oven and turn every 20 minutes until the apples are just about dried out.  This process took 2.5 hours in my oven and with the apples I used.  It may take more or less time depending on the juicy-ness of your apples.

When they were cooked enough, I put them on a cooling rack and they crisped up the rest of the way.

Would be great served with tea, and are a great treat when you need to go to a party where people may have dietary restrictions.

Happy Fall!