Thankful Thursday ~ Lulu

My beautiful Lulu girl passed away unexpectedly yesterday.  Thankfully my Mom and Dad were there with her when she passed, so she wasn’t alone…

Thank you, Sweet Lulu for being in our lives and sharing your sassy personality with us.  You make us laugh all the time, and losing you has struck us with deep grief and sadness.  We love you, Licky-Lu.

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils

When I started using essential oils in 2014, I thought the only way to use them was aromatically, but you can also use them topically and internally.

DiffuserAromatically ~ One popular way to use oils is with a diffuser like the one pictured here.  You can attach a bottle of oil, or there are other styles that you would put a few drops of the oil into the diffuser and let it run.

The nice thing about aromatic use is your house will smell nice, and everyone in the room gets the benefits of the oil you are using.  There are blends to promote happiness, peace, respiratory health – you name it.  You can also use oils by just inhaling them from the bottle!  This is a great way to get the benefits from the constituents of the oil that you are inhaling.

EO Topical UseTopically ~ Many of us are already using essential oils topically as they are added to many skin creams and lotions.  You can use most oils directly on the skin in order to reap the benefits of the constituents of that oil.  There are single oils as well as blends that can be used topically for things such as skin wellness or supporting joint function.

I find that using oils in an Epsom Salt bath are a great way to promote relaxation and soothe emotional tension.

Internally ~ Internal use includes putting a drop or two under the tongue, putting a couple drops in water and swallowed, or putting in a capsule and swallowed.  Many people are familiar with putting a couple drops of Lemon oil in water and sipping to promote healthy liver function.

If you are considering oils for internal use, I do have a few tips for you to consider.

  • The easiest way to tell if an oil can be used internally is to look at the bottle.  Oils that can be used internally will have a nutrition guidelines label on them and are considered supplements.
  • Learn about the oil you are considering for internal use.  Oregano oil, for example, is a “hot” oil and could potentially hurt the delicate tissues of the throat and esophagus.  Putting it in a capsule and swallowed is preferred – never put the oil in water and drink it, as this will burn!
  • Remember that every brand of essential oil is different, as they all have different sources, methods of farming, and purity/processing standards.  I think of it like picking out food that I eat – I feel much safer eating clean organic foods vs. processed food which can contain artificial fillers.

I hope this overview helps you if you are considering the use of oils in your daily life.  The more I have used them, the more empowered I feel about my health and wellness.  I am happy to help you do the same!

For more information on essential oils, click here.

The Money Tree is Really Growing


If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you know that I have been practicing the Law of Attraction for a long while now.  Part of that is putting your dreams out there.  Talk about what you want.  Work hard to make things happen, and they really will.  Make a vision board.

A couple weekends ago, I met with a dear friend over coffee.  I shared that we have been working hard in our house to tackle our overwhelming debt that has come from long term Lyme treatment.  Being a Lyme patient herself, she was definitely someone that I knew would understand, and being a fellow Christian, we have often offered prayers to each other for strength to overcome challenges.

During the course of the conversation, I mentioned that I was open to finding a part time job that I could do from home.  This time of year I used to help my accountant organize client files for tax season, and last year I felt the gap with not having my seasonal gig due to us being in California.  It didn’t have to be that kind of work, but I told her if she knew of anyone that needed some help with administrative work, and I could do it from home, I would love for her to connect us.

Long story short, a couple days later, I became the very happy part time employee doing admin work for a mutual friend.  It is really the perfect situation for me and my family, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’ve been wanting to document this over here on the blog as proof that the Law of Attraction continues to be at work in my life, and it is worth checking out.  My happiness and love of life continues to grow exponentially, and I really think that changing how I view the world through the Law of Attraction is what has done it.

… and the stars look very different today

I found out on Sunday night a few minutes before laying my head on the pillow.  David Bowie has been a big part of the soundtrack of my life, and like so many around the world, his music became part of my soul.  It is not often that I am moved when celebrity types pass on, but this one got to me.

Happy Hands

20160111_161708-1Pardon my dark lighting on this picture… I wanted to share with my knitters/crocheters that I have not had to permanently put the needles down – there has been no pain in my wrists or hands.  Amazing!

The book in the picture was co-written by my friend Victoria Galo.  Back when I was an independent yarn dyer, we collaborated, and one of the shawls in the book is made with Sunflower Yarns! (the Sera De Mira Shawl on page 26 if you are curious!)

Feels great to be back to something I love so much.

So, yarn peeps, what are you working on?

Growing a Money Tree ~ Find Money in Your House

The past couple weeks have been successful with getting started with getting our budget and finances in order.  We started the Penny Challenge, an envelope system, and the debt snowball is rolling.
MoneyTreeAll of us have been motivated to find ways to save money.  Poppy has been going through his toys and rediscovering some old favorites.  We have a bag ready for our next trip to the park that has a boomerang (the park has a huge open field – no worries!), a kickball, and a badminton set.  Old things are new again, and will give us some exercise and fun.  Cost?  $0

Ivan has rediscovered a box of old video games in the garage, and he and Poppy have had fun playing a couple of classics from when we were in our early 20’s.  Castlevania has been enjoyed by all of us during the rain we’ve been having.  No need to travel to the game store!  Cost?  $0

Now, me being Mom and all, found some practical things around the house that will save money for us.  I had this box of samples that we get when we’d go to the dentist.  I didn’t realize that I never used this stuff.  Floss, rubber-tip gum stimulators, toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, and sample mouthwashes were waiting for us to use them!  Have you priced out your dental supplies lately?  It really adds up!  I now have a bowl on the bathroom counter with all these goodies waiting for use.  I figure it will save us a few months of having to buy these toiletries, not to mention it made some room in the bathroom cabinet.  Cost?  $0
20160110_133024-1I also read about a family that was going through a budget overhaul like us, and were trying to work on meal planning.  They took all their food (dry goods) out of the cabinets and set it out on the table.  They discovered a lot of ingredients that they had not realized they had, and did their meal planning using as many of the things already in stock.  I thought this was so clever!  I spent a couple hours this weekend using this method, and came up with most of what I needed for three meals.

I feel blessed that the whole family is on board with this budgeting system.  We’re tackling this together, and that is making things easier.  If you have any tips on ways to find money around the house, I’d love to hear them!