Thankful Thursday

Just enjoying a good week here.  Thank you for the warm welcome back to the blogosphere (is that a word???).

This week was full of catching up with friends that I have not spoken to in a bit.  Remember my post about my challenge?  I did my part to call and email a few friends this week, and I also received calls, too.  Was really nice to speak to friends!  My heart is full.  :-)

Last night I went to an excellent lecture on detoxing the body, which was given by my LLND, and not only learned quite a bit, but I also was able to talk to other Lyme patients and share stories.  That was therapeutic, let me tell you!  I had done a post that touched on detox methods quite a while ago, but I am going to work on doing a new one, as I have definitely found more things that work well that I want to share with you.


So, I am thankful for all that stuff above, and I am thankful that we have my mother-in-law visiting this weekend.  She flies in today and leaves on Monday morning, so we’ll be doing a lot of family time and some relaxing, too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Oh, if you have any topic suggestions, leave me a comment, okay?  I have had a lot of people subscribe to my blog lately, and I don’t mind sharing my thoughts on topics that brought you here.  Happy Weekend!

The People Next to Me

I want to thank those of you that have sent me messages over the past few weeks, checking in as I haven’t been posting.  There is nothing wrong – quite the opposite, actually.  I have just been trying to keep my life at a pace I can manage, and lately that pace is SLOW.

Over the past month, we celebrated a birthday for Poppy, my Mom, and me.  I finally got around to finishing the unpacking, and only have a couple more pictures to hang.  I have been able to get a handle on my Lyme treatment, and I am feeling pretty good lately.  The bad days are getting further apart for all of us, so I am thankful for that.

I’ve been spending time reading, napping when I can, and cooking.  I’ve started using essential oils in the past few months, and I’m enjoying the learning curve.  I have been able to cut out a couple pharmaceuticals (yay!).

We have accepted an offer on our house in NH, and expect to close in early April.  We are lucky to have a tenant in the house that is taking very good care of it for the winter, because New England is getting hammered with snow!  Here is an old pic of our NH house:

From a year ago (2014) - there is much more snow this year!

From a year ago (2014) – there is much more snow this year!

So there you have it!  Just spending time with family and enjoying life right now.  I feel rejuvenated and ready to start writing again.  Thanks again for checking in with me!

Thankful Thursday

The Person Next to You:

I spent some time reading old “Thankful Thursday” posts from my blog. This is a throwback from 2007. Still feeling the gratitude about these things, except perhaps my TV shows are different (now it is the Big Bang Theory) ~ Enjoy!

Originally posted on The Person Next to You:

I was just chatting with Amy about her “Thankful Thursday” post. I have seen these posts on other people’s blogs, too, and wanted to jump in, as even though I have been stressed out, I know I still have so much to be thankful for.

1. Poppy. This little boy is the absolute joy of my life. He is my treasure. This child has completely helped me turn my life around, because before him, I was a “me me me” person. Now every decision I make (and I mean EVERY decision) I consider how the decision will affect him. The words I say, the things I drink, the way I react to good/bad situations. It’s been the most amazing experience to have one person make so much impact on my life.

2. Big Daddy. Because he and I share the same values. Especially when it comes to Poppy. We feel…

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Is It Over Yet?

This week was one of a lot of running around.  It was Poppy’s birthday, so between taking him out for some fun, plus two doc appointments for him and one for Ivan and me, and all the other things we do during the week, I am exhausted.

I have my list of loose ends to work on this weekend (I did really well with my list last weekend – finished all but one thing on it), which is mainly regular stuff like laundry, pharmacy, meal planning, etc.

I do plan on resting.  I have found that I am great in the morning, but as the day goes on, my energy level depletes.  I run out of spoons too early each day on weeks like this one. (Google “spoonie” to understand the reference.)  We value down time in our house, so it will be nice to have some this weekend!

See This Pic?  I want to do relax like this over the next couple days.

See This Pic? I want to relax like this over the next couple days.

Thankful Thursday

This post is dedicated to my Mom.  I am thankful for her!  I got an extra boost of happiness today, because we talked on the phone for a long time, and it was just like we were in the same room together.  Out of all the things in NH, I miss my parents the most, especially the good coffee chats Mom and I would have together.

I love them!

I love them!