Albums That Changed Your View of Music

I saw this on my pal’s blog and thought it would be fun to do.  I don’t tag, but if you do decide to do one of these lists yourself, be sure to let me know so I can see your list!
Music NotesThe rules:
Don’t take too long to think about it. Sixteen albums you’ve heard that changed the way you thought about music…if you are too young to have owned albums you can surely chose songs.  List the first sixteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. These are in no particular order.

** I have to say that it is difficult to do this when thinking about albums that changed how you looked at music vs. favorite albums.  For me those are two different things.  This was fun!

1.  They Might Be Giants ~ Flood

2.  Nine Inch Nails ~ Pretty Hate Machine

3.  Red Hot Chili Peppers ~ Blood Sugar Sex Magic

4.  The Beatles ~ Abbey Road

5.  Led Zeppelin ~ Zoso/Led Zeppelin 4

6.  Peter Gabriel ~ So

7.  R.E.M. ~ Life’s Rich Pagent

8.  The Cure ~ Disintegration

9.  Carly Simon ~ Live From Martha’s Vineyard

10.  The Guess Who ~ The Best of the Guess Who

11.  Pink Floyd ~ Piper at the Gates of Dawn

12.  Billy Joel ~ The Stranger

13.  Jethro Tull ~ Aqualung

14.  Metallica ~ …And Justice For All

15.  Bjork ~ Debut

16.  Rush ~ Counterparts

I just can’t stop there…

17.  Hum ~ You’d Prefer and Astronaut

18.  Guns and Roses ~ both of the Use Your Illusion albums

19.  Type O Negative ~ October Rust

I am sure that as soon as this post goes live I will think of a bunch more albums.  But, this is a start of albums that shaped me as younger person.  I don’t find too many bands that inspire me these days, unless I go back to my old collection.

Thankful Thursday

Since the chicken wing incident, I realized I haven’t done a Thankful Thursday post recently, and you all know I try to live my life with gratitude and positivity.  So, in no particular order, is a list of things I feel thankful for at this moment.

  • Poppy being so open to trying new things.  Autism families can relate to this kind of excitement.  Lately, the kiddo has been trying so many new foods, and he has even started to enjoy going out to restaurants.  This has opened up some new things for all of us to do together, which is always important.
  • Poppy and Ivan helping around the house.  OK, it is not that they didn’t do anything before, but putting their dishes directly into the dishwasher makes a huge difference on the state of cleanliness in the kitchen.
  • Sunday family day.  Best day of the week.  We make it a point to do family time all day that day.  No chores.  No work stuff.  Just family fun.
  • Making new friends has been a big part of our new life in San Diego.  The last couple of weeks have afforded me some time to spend with new pals, and our kids are connecting, too.  I was always the outsider growing up, and it is awesome to feel like I “fit in.”  That is not a “poor me” thing at all.  It is a “YAY!  I am a happy grown-up” thing.
  • Sleeping.  Ah, getting a good night sleep night after night has been amazing.  I have realized that all the work I have done to repair my adrenals seems to be working.  I am tired at a reasonable hour, and have been sleeping through the night.  I am dreaming again, which tells me that I am getting into a good sleep cycle and reaching all levels of rest.
  • I remember things again.  I have my memories back, and this is a good thing.  I have talked about this before here on the blog.  I feel like a recovering amnesia patient.

So, yeah.  I am thankful for a lot of things right now.  Life has been pretty awesome lately, and I’m not afraid to enjoy it!

Treatment Tuesday ~ Share What Works

No matter what chronic illness you may have, it is always nice when you find a story on the internet or meet someone in your “real” daily life that has had success in treatment.

Part of the meaning of chronic illness is that there is no cure, but you can get yourself into states of remission or control.  But what about that remission?  What about the things that you have done that have really made an impact on how you feel (in a good way!)…

checklist-clipart-ListFor today’s post, I want to turn it around on you.  No matter where you are in the treatment process, share what illness you have.  What are things that you have done for treatments that have made a positive impact?  It doesn’t have to be medications – it can be anything!  Meditation, yoga, vacation, herbs… anything!  You don’t have to be in remission, either.  If something was a step in a better direction, share what you did!

The reason I wanted to do today’s post is to highlight that there are many of us out there, and reading each other’s stories in the comments may give each other ideas of new things to try for their own health.  Nobody is going to hold anyone liable, and like anything on my blog – positivity is key.

So —-  SHARE!  Interact with each other!  Have fun with this!

Humbled Because of a Chicken Wing

I had a scary experience on Saturday night.  I choked on a bite of a chicken wing.
wings Choking is nothing new in my family.  My Dad has Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and I have witnessed choking episodes that he has had.  I have seen my Mom do the Heimlich during dinner, I have rushed to meet them at the ER because my dad has turkey stuck in his throat, and seen him get up and leave the dinner table because he can feel an episode coming on.

Through the years, I have tracked my bloodwork on a spreadsheet, and my eosinophils have been elevated for a very very long time.  I suspect I could have EE, and like Dad, I eat slow and deliberately, take care of my digestive system by keeping acid down, keep my stress down as much as possible, and anything that reacts poorly with my digestive tract is removed from my diet.  There is no cure for this, only being as diligent as you can be.  Many people, like Dad, also use a Flovent inhaler to help reduce the likelihood of food getting stuck.

Because I have never deemed chicken wings a high-risk food, I took a bite and started munching.  All of a sudden, there was a strange gurgling in my throat when I swallowed, and I could actually feel the choking episode come on.  I tried to stay calm and patient, and tried to focus on breathing.  The food didn’t go down the wrong pipe, it was just stuck at the top of the right one.

I could not swallow.  I could breathe.  I tried drinking water, coughing, doing contortion tricks to dislodge food that I read on the internet.  Nothing.  When I took a sip of water, it came right back up.  This went on for 2 hours.

At this point, I was getting really scared.  When you have Lyme Disease, you avoid going to the non-Lyme doctor at almost any cost.  Very often when you have to give a med list, it leads to questions.  When you have a disease that is not recognized to be chronic with the government and many doctors, well, you just don’t get the level of care that you deserve.  You are treated as a medical looney.

My guts were churning with fear, and I had to stay on the toilet.  Sorry for TMI, but it is an important part of this tale.

As I sat there and deliberated about what to do, and talked to Ivan through the cracked door, we decided that it was necessary to call my Lyme doctor, as she is a personal friend, and this was truly an emergency.  I just don’t trust anyone else with my health like I do this woman.

There was no answer.  Feeling desperate, I sent her a text, asking which ER to go to as I had food stuck in my throat and I needed advice.  There are several hospital systems here in San Diego, and I was hoping that she may be able to recommend a more Lyme-friendly place to go.

I then leaned over to put the phone on the floor in front of me, and before I straightened up again, I took a sip of water to continue to try to wash down this damn bite of chicken wing.  I swallowed as I was going up, and like magic, the food slid down like normal, and I was able to swallow as if nothing had ever happened.

Immediately, my phone rang… it was my friend/doctor.  I told her what had been going on for the last couple hours, and explained that I was fine now.  After a short chat, she said she would keep her phone on in case I needed her during the night.  I was so appreciative of her care.

I was emotionally rattled the rest of the evening.  I kept thinking of all the “what if? what if? what if?” stuff.  I had a little flashback of some scary medical situations I have been in previously where I thought the results would not be optimal.  I have had last rites.  I have had procedures without anesthesia because I was pregnant.  I have been very very close to death in my life.

This was a big huge gigantic reminder of how precious life is, and a reminder of so many things I have worked through to get to the physical and emotional health that I have now.

I then turned all that fear around using coping skills for emotional triggers.  I had a renewed sense of appreciation for my body and how well it functions despite all of the challenges it has every day.  I felt loved by my family caring for me, and my friend being there, too, despite it being her time with her family.  To work through this experience and not have it shatter me was a pretty big deal.  I think a few of you know exactly what I am talking about if you suffer from PTSD.

I was humbled… because of a chicken wing.  And there is nothing bad about a reminder of how good life is.

Obon Festival

Today we headed north to the town of Vista to the Obon Festival.

Obon is one of the most important Japanese traditions. People believe that their ancestors’ spirits come back to their homes to be reunited with their family during Obon and pray for the spirits. For the reason, Obon is an important family gathering time, and many people return to their hometowns.

It was a small festival, with traditional Taiko drumming, Japanese food stands, and the temple was open for viewing and worship.  We took a walk around after watching the drumming, which was amazing.  Enjoy the pics!


Taiko Drummers

Taiko Drummers

If you look closely, this entire bouquet is made of friendship beads.  There were many arrangements - gorgeous!

If you look closely, this entire bouquet is made of friendship beads. There were many arrangements – gorgeous!

20150726_133848Hope everyone had a great weekend!


This week was full of activities for us.  I loved all the cool things we did, but I pushed myself a little further than I should have.  The price?  One migraine, and one big headache of the non-migraine variety.  Admittedly, I broke out the Excedrin Migraine to go with my peppermint oil.  Thankfully it only lasted six hours.

Now, to look on the bright side, we had a lot of highlights to the week.


Poppy had a great physical therapy session for his knee this week.  If you are new to my blog, Poppy has dislocated his knee twice, and has been in PT for about a year.  What made the session great this week, was that Poppy was willing to try using kinesio tape, which made his knee feel more stabilized.  He definitely felt more confident doing his exercises with it.  For those of you with a kiddo with Autism, you know what a success it is to have them be willing to try something like this!


I didn’t get an updated picture, but Poppy had pottery class again this week, and this mug you see above was glazed.  We will see it finished out of the kiln next week, as well as the new pieces he made this week.


Poppy was invited to a pool party this week, and again, if you are the parent of a child with Autism, you know that this is an awesome thing!  We have made friends with some fantastic people here in San Diego, and we have connected with a couple other families that have kiddos with ASD.  Now, I am posting a pic in which you cannot see the other kids because I want to protect their privacy, but there were 5 kids altogether, and they had a blast.


All this excitement wore us out, and today we stayed home.  Poppy had the idea to have a Pixar-athon, so we watched Toy Story 1, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc., and The Incredibles.  We also played with Play Doh… It was so special to have a day like this, because when Poppy was younger, these were his favorite movies and activities.

I will share a moment today that I went from crying to laughing hysterically in a matter of seconds.

We were watching Toy Story 3.  You know how it ends, right?  Seriously, one of the most touching tear-jerker moments in a movie ever.  Andy plays with his toys one last time, and leaves for college.  It makes me come completely undone every.single.time.  Poppy has witnessed me having all the feels from this scene a lot in his life.

Well, today, as I am grabbing the tissues and bawling, he stands up and says, “I need to go take a crap,” and heads for the bathroom.  It was one of the funniest parenting moments I ever remember having so far.

For all the spoonies that are reading this and wondering how I was able to do all these activities – remember the headaches I talked about at the beginning of the post… I did have some consequences.  But, some great memories were made this week, so I will accept a couple headaches for that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!