Silent Night(s)

Hello, all~

I have decided not to blog until after the Christmas holiday so I can spend time with my family.  We are going to bake cookies, get ready for the man in the red suit to visit, and all the other good stuff that comes with this time of year.



From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Major Accomplishment

When you have a kiddo with Autism that manifests as sensory issues, doing seemingly “normal” things can be a challenge.  When Poppy was little, we went to see The Bee Movie in the theater.  He was nervous to go, because theaters are dark, loud, and have many many sounds.  Big Daddy and I took him during the day, and sat on either side of him.  He brought a snuggle blanket, and we made it through the movie pretty well (or so we thought!)!

After that experience, he has never wanted to go to the movies again.  He said it was too loud and dark.

We have a family membership to the San Diego Zoo.  A couple weeks ago, we got a mailer about their “Jungle Balls” holiday themed party that they are doing in the evenings through the holidays.  One thing that caught my eye was that in one of the 4-D theaters, (they have two), they were showing “The Polar Express 4-D Experience.”  I mentioned it to Poppy to see if he would like to go, because that is his favorite holiday movie, but he said he would “think about it” – and that was it.

Yesterday we went to the zoo on a whim.  We wanted to see if the white cobra snake that was caught in LA a few months ago was in the reptile house yet.  (Not yet, BTW).  As we were walking, Poppy saw the sign for The Polar Express, and wanted to go ask about it at the ticket counter.  The woman selling tickets was a sweetheart.  She answered all his questions about the shaking seats, what it would feel like, how to leave the theater if he was scared, and if it would be dark the whole time.

After she answered his questions, we went and sat on a bench for a few minutes, and Poppy became teary because he wanted to try going to the movie, but what if it turned out to be a waste of money?  I told him not to worry about that – if he wanted to give it a try, we were going!  The one thing is, we have to go get popcorn.

Feeling confident and assured, we bought tickets, and popcorn, and headed in to the show.

20141215_142823I am happy to tell you that he loved the movie, and flapped his hands (which means ultimate excitement to him!) the whole twenty minutes.  It was so exciting that he took this step today, because it was on his terms and he was able to work through previous discomfort which can be very hard for kids with Autism!

I am proud of my boy!


I have a dear friend in NH with whom I exchange emails often.  In one of our exchanges last week, she mentioned how a family member mentioned to her that Christmas is not one day, but this whole time of year.

I then started thinking about how this time of year is supposed to be a time of giving, family, and tradition.  Why is it that only this time of year is thought of this way?  It certainly should be something we all aspire to all the time!

Over the past few years I have slowed myself down quite a bit, especially since 2012 when I closed my business.  I have really tried to focus on taking care of my family, becoming a better cook, learning how to keep all of us as healthy as possible, and spending quality time together.

This weekend we did just that.  I have to say it was a fantastic couple of days.

Friday night we had an early dinner and hung out together.

Yesterday (Saturday) Big Daddy and I got some energy and vacuumed and picked up the house.  I also sorted and filed some stuff that has been a mess since we moved here.  I even had enough energy to spot shampoo the high traffic areas our carpets.  Then we had a nice lunch, relaxed, and I even took a nap.  Later in the evening we took a ride to two different neighborhoods that do amazing Christmas light displays.  I have never seen anything like it!

Today (Sunday), I ran errands, did our pill boxes for the week, and we took a ride to the beach to play at the arcade.  Afterward, we took a walk on the beach.  It was pretty choppy out there because of the storms this week, but, gorgeous as always.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach

Tonight?  We’re all hanging out, playing on our devices and watching Big Bang Theory re-runs.  I would say that it has been a fantastic weekend full of the kind of family time that I cherish.

(Just a little side-note, this weekend was not without Lyme/coinfection symptoms, but I made the best of it.  Lots of numbness and rashing on my left arm, very vivid dreams, and some pain in my mouth.  I am making the best of it and soldiering on whenever I can!)

I hope that you have had a great weekend, too!

Thankful Thursday

20141211_100953Two more weeks until Christmas!  I am actually excited to do my wrapping this year, and I even managed to send out a few Christmas cards.  I know a lot of people don’t do them anymore, but there are some people in my life that I know would like to receive them, and I am really trying to stay focused on doing the little things in life that others would like.

There is certainly a lot to be thankful for this year, and I tend to view Christmas as the time of year where there is reflection and renewal.  I’m also excited as I have some new projects coming up that I’ll be sharing with you here in later posts.

I hope you take some time to be thankful today!