Need a Fast Dinner Idea?

I was looking into the abyss that is my fridge yesterday morning, trying to see what we had that could be used to put together a meal for the evening.  I had an avocado, a fully cooked chicken breast from our rotisserie dinner the night before, guacamole, and sour cream.  My mission was clear.  We needed some kind of Mexican dinner, and I decided to try making my own version of Chipotle’s burrito bowl.  After a run to the grocery store to pick up a few things I got to work!  I am going to attempt to write out a recipe.  Go easy on me – I am still learning to cook, and it takes me a bit to prepare things.


Almost Chipotle Burrito Bowl (for 2 people)
2 cooked chicken breasts
Juice of one lime
Cilantro to taste
1 small tomato
1 cup of corn
1 can black beans
1/4 cup guacamole
sour cream
2 cups shredded chicken
1/2 cup cooked rice
1 avocado, cubed
2 cups shredded lettuce (I used iceberg)

Bake the chicken, seasoning with salt and pepper, or flavor it up with some the packets that have all the spices to make chili or tacos.  Set aside to cool.

Next, make your rice like you normally do, but squeeze the juice of one lime into the water while it is boiling.  Also add a little cilantro to taste when it is done cooking.  Set aside.
20141120_163112At this point, I heated the black beans, thawed some frozen corn, and cubed up the rest of the veggies, shredded some lettuce, and then shredded the chicken.  I put it all out on the counter and we made our burrito bowls how we wanted.
20141120_171838This took my about a half hour to prep because I used leftover chicken.  If I made it again (which I definitely will), I don’t think it would take this long to get everything ready.
20141120_172533-1Let me know if you try making this and what you did differently!  Happy Friday!



When I woke up this morning, I realized that I had slept through the night for the fist time in a long time.  It was a deep restorative sleep, and when I woke up, I felt energetic and good!  I was not expecting to feel like this at all – ever – while I was in treatment for Lyme and company.

The last couple days have been much better than day 1 on Sunday.  Frankly, I thought that Sunday was going to set the tone for how things are going to be all the time for me.  Let’s face it, they could take a turn for the worse and I could be standing on the edge of the treatment cliff, but you know what?  I don’t think so.

Something in me has shifted in the last couple weeks.  I have realized that I have felt so much anxiety over the last 10+ years, and had so many health issues that have required surgery or traumatic treatments, that really?  I am letting the fear of treatment be the thing that I was going to let me go over the edge?  Oh, hell no.  I know – a big change of heart from a couple weeks ago when I was terrified about everything.

I guess I have realized that I have walked through so much fire already.  Yes, I know that there are going to be some sucky awful days, but at the end of it all, I am going to be in remission, and hopefully not have the level of anxiety that I have had, and maybe less migraines, and – oh! – maybe more stamina!  For me, the hope of all that is worth it, not to mention being able to enjoy being with Big Daddy and Poppy.  I mean, they are my heart, and they have been in treatment over a year each.  They are getting better and better, and even though there are crappy days, I have noticed that the better days outweigh how many bad days there are.  At the beginning of their treatments, that wasn’t the case.

As you know, my treatment is starting slow.  I mentioned some of the things I am taking, and now I am understanding what each does and how it affects me.  I know the MTHFR support is what made my head go from light to heavy, but I have been okay the last couple days.  As I have titrated up on the Smilax, I have had some brain fog, and upon research, find that it stirs up the Lyme bugs and binds endotoxins in the system for easier detox.

I am also taking cellular support supplements, and organic multi-vitamins.  I have cut down to one cup of coffee per day, and I have stepped up my dental health to be sure to not skip flossing.  I have also been treating myself to doing a nice cold cream face mask in the evenings, which is helping my skin.  After I wash it off, I put on a layer of coconut oil and go to bed.  The skin on my face was a total mess before I started this, so I feel better about my appearance.

So, all the stuff above has been supporting my physical well-being.

I have also been trying to keep things really positive emotionally, too.  I think I am a pretty positive person overall, but I have been vigilant about keeping negative things out of my life.

One example is the television.  When we moved to San Diego, we decided to skip getting cable.  We have internet, a Roku box, and one of those digital antennas to pick up the basic networks.  It has worked out really well for us, but I am finding we watch less and less television.  I don’t like commercials, the news is nothing but sensationalism and negative stories, and except for Antenna TV (a channel of old black and white shows), most shows are not great.

Another positive thing in my life is this blog, and reading other blogs.  I like to read what people have to say about things, and I have enjoyed making friends that started because of a comment.

We have also made friends here, as well as reconnected with friends that live in other parts of San Diego county.  We definitely have a much more active social life here than we ever did in New Hampshire.  Sometimes I get so full of anxiety when we get ready to go out with other people, or have people over, but I have been working on my anxiety about this and it seems to be working.  We’ve made friends with another family that has a boy with Autism, and the kids get along really well.  It has been awesome to get together with them and have people in our lives that get it.

The most positive thing in my life is my family.  Last night I was in the kitchen working on dinner, and Big Daddy and Poppy were out on the patio grilling some burgers.  When you are in my kitchen, you are facing out the back of the house where there is a big slider, and I found myself just watching them, and I had a big smile on my face.  I realized how happy I felt.  It was one of those, “it doesn’t get any better than this” kind of moments, but I know it will get even better!  There will be a time where we are all in remission, and taking a ton of pills and potions won’t be a factor in our day.

I know that many of us have gone through hell with this disease, and while I don’t believe that it is possible to be “cured” of Lyme, I do believe in remission, and I strive for that with my loved ones every day.

Treatment Day 1

Today was my first day of treatment.  Yup, it was a good call to take it very slow.

Started out taking my thyroid meds.  A couple hours later, I took my glutathione, MTHFR support, and vitamins.  This afternoon I took smilax, and right before I lay my head on the pillow tonight I will take my progesterone.

OK, the glutathione and MTHFR was crazy.  My brain started out feeling like it was filled with helium.  Very light, and tingly, and like it was lifting off my shoulders.  About an hour later, it felt like a cinder block.  The back of my head felt so heavy!

I had already planned to stay in my PJs all day, so I camped on the Biomat in the recliner chair, and fell asleep for a couple hours.  When I got up I was a bit sweaty and had brain fog, as well as tingles in my head.

I am still having waves of tingles in my head, mostly right on the top.  My brain fog is coming and going, and I am absolutely exhausted, which is sad considering the two hour nap.  But, I am going to ride this out each day, and chronicle the days that are different.  We’ll see where all this takes us.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Lyme Games

Yesterday was the big family visit to the Lyme doctor here in San Diego.  This was Poppy’s second visit with her, and my and Big Daddy’s consult visits.  I am still putting together all my thoughts on this, and reading over the notes for all three of us, so I won’t be talking about that in this post too much.

I wanted to share a bit of a humorous story, though.  I had brought a notebook with all my questions for the doctor.  Big Daddy and Poppy were done their visits so they left while I had mine.  We started going over my health history.  Seriously, people, we all know our histories by the time we end up with a proper LLMD/LLND, don’t we?  After years of mis-diagnosis, or NO diagnosis by multiple specialists?

Well, the visit became a game of word find mixed with charades.  Total brain fog on basic questions.


It went something like this:

LLND: “So, ThePersonNextToYou, what symptoms are the worst for you?”

TPNTY: “Um, I get pain in my head over my right eye.  Very bad headaches.  You know, the ones that need heavy duty meds sometimes.  I can’t think of the word.”  — as I am madly making stabbing motions toward my head over my eye.

LLND:  “Migraine.” —- LLND (1), TPNTY (0)

LLND:  “What other symptoms?”

TPNTY:  “I also get these red bumpy streaky things on my arms and legs, especially my legs.”  –  as I am making gestures like I am rolling my leg with a paint roller.

LLND:  “Rashes?”  —  LLND (2), TPNTY (0)  I shake my head yes as I hand her my phone with the pictures.

LLND:  “And (said very gently and kindly) brain fog.”  As she makes a note on her paper in front of her.  LLND (3), TPNTY (0)

So, yeah.  You get the idea.  I actually got a chuckle out of it because you have to have some humor about it.

We did decide on treatment as being the way to go.  We are doing a slow and steady approach that will involve detoxing over the next few weeks, then adding HH2.  Bartonella, baby.  I’m taking back my body!